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water softener leaks

I have a water softener that was originally installed about 14 months ago. It started to leak where it connects to the supply.

I have replaced the O rings twice used Teflon tape under the O rings and am out if ideas on how to fix.

I have alos had a plumber come out and he says they don't work on those things. Says it should seal with the O rings

Any suggestions??

Re: water softener leaks

The Teflon tape under the O-rings is counter-productive. Your plumber is correct that the O-rings should seal by themselves. Remove the Teflon tape and check that there is no debris or a damaged part that could be damaging the O-rings. Use a little Teflon paste or plumbers grease to lube the O-rings and reassemble. Don't overtighten when reassembling. The connection should be "very snug", not "as tight as you can make it".

One other thought...ensure that the mating surfaces align properly. A cock-eyed connection will leak, no matter what you do to it.

Re: water softener leaks

well a lot of us have that problem when maintaining our reef tanks... O rings can get stretched out of shape, so one thing you can do is use really cold water on it so it can shrink a bit, or that you may need to twist whatever hardware is being used with the o-rings to click it in, and coat the o-rings with vaseline while doing so.

Re: water softener leaks

Necause most of these connections are made with PVC these days you shoud also check for cracks.

Re: water softener leaks

don't use vasoline. it is a petroluem based lube and will actually make the o-rings expand. use a glycren based lube like KY jelly. process of elimination. good luck.

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