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Lady Ianna
Water softener bypass valve

Hi -

I'm hoping someone can help me locate a source for a Water Softener bypass valve. I'm in the process of replacing some of the "antiquated" water lines in our house, and can't seem to find one. There is currently one in the line, (even though the water softener is shot) but it is broken. I'd like a metal one. (as opposed to a pvc or plastic one.) The previous one tried it's best, but was bashed into oblivion at some point by my dad with a hammer. (patience is not his strong point) :D

I have tried all my local hardware stores, and despite being in well country, no one seems to have one. I've done Google searching online with no success.

Anyone have any links, or suggestions?

I am in the process of increasing the size of our supply lines, and adding a 10" Big Blue water filter to combat rust and sediment issues. In addition, I'll be pulling out some cast iron piping, and hoping to improve some flow issues by making pipe sizing consistent. I am replacing with copper in all places that I can. (Living in central NY state, I find the copper to be more forgiving with the temperature fluctuations than the pvc. ie: less likely to crack and shatter, and more likely to survive dad's hammer.:rolleyes: )

Although, I could probably proceed w/o the part and replace it later, I'd really like to put it in with everything else.

(new water softener, and water heater are next on the list of plumbing projects.) :cool:

Re: Water softener bypass valve

Usually a water softener comes with a by-pass that is designed to work with the water softener.

Re: Water softener bypass valve

You could try a local plumbing supply house. Ours carries a few different brass bypass valves for softeners.

Or......just plumb a bypass in yourself. There is a distince advantage to this if/when you eventually want to install a different softener. There will be no sizing compatibility issues this way and you can have water to the house during the time you are changing out units.

3 full-port ball valves is all you need.


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