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Water smells like rotten eggs

We use to have the best tastin water in Jax. Fl. We have no city water and have a deep well. About 6 months ago we put in a new hot water heater and ever since our water has that awful Sulfar smell & taste. Anyone know what we can do to get our good water back?

Thank You

Re: Water smells like rotten eggs

Without getting into an in-depth discussion concernng all of the potential causes for what you are experiencing.... I will stick my neck out and try to make a very pointed suggestion based upon the info you've given.

If this problem began soon after or immediately after you installed the new water heater, then I will suggest that you remove the standard magnesium anode rod which this heater almost certainly came with.....and replace it with an aluminum anode rod instead. The bacteria that can and often do cause this problem will feed off of the magnesium. The population increases and the result is what you're experiencing.

In this instance, there may not be a need to shock the system with cholrine bleach. Simply draining the tank, replacing the rod and filling back up again will *probably* do the trick. You can likely find an appropriate aluminum rod for your WH at a local plumbing supply house or perhaps even a local big-box.

If this does not totally resolve the issue within an week or so, you may need to shock your well and the entire system. (the WH, water softener, all the potable water pipes in the house, etc.) For instructions concerning this, simply Google - shock well.

Re: Water smells like rotten eggs

Tina we are over above tallahassee, and sulfer water is quite common for north florida. do you have a water softener or a water filter? if you do then the problem may be that the filter needs replacement. just the gut feeling that I have is that it is an undercounter water filter and when you replaced your heater it displaced a lot of sediment which then plugged up your filter.

Re: Water smells like rotten eggs

An activated charcoal filter is often used to combat rotten-egg smell. However, if it's only the hot water that has this and not the cold, something else is at play which needs to be resolved.

Re: Water smells like rotten eggs

it`s possilbe that it`s just a coincidence that sulfer smell just surfaced now after water heater replacement. minerals disolved in well water produce hydrogen sulfide ( sulfer smell).the water stored in the water will off gas and acumulate in tank, that is why it is more noticable in hot water. filter systems are avail. often with two tanks that purge the hydrogen sulfide from the water and vent it out side, did reasearch a while back on systems.
one of the co`s so you get an idea of what is available
hope this helps.

Blue RidgeParkway
Re: Water smells like rotten eggs

I remember reading something about the problems they have disposing of all the old drywall from Katrina in New Orleans because they figured out after the series of huricanes in florida before that putting it in landfills near wet lands and such caused hydrogen sulfide to leach into the ground water. since you have a well anyway and you should be testing the water regularly anyway you might want to test the water first from the well before you start changing things out just in case that would be wasted effort and money if the trouble is in the aquafer.

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