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Water shut off to avoid frozen pipes

we have had our pipes freeze three times so far this year. We live in the northeast along the shore and we lifted our house since we are in an flood zone.  We built a garage which extends three quarters of the way under the house.  The last quarter is an open air patio which sits underneath the kitchen. Quite a few water lines beneath the kitchen floor and above the sheetrock of the patio. The wind whips underneath there and freezes the pipes easily. We have left a drip but it still froze. On really cold nights I completely shut off the water while we sleep and open all of the faucets. Is there anything wrong with shutting off the water to the house each night other than the minor convenience of no running water until I turn it on in the morning?  What is the best way to turn the water back on regarding the faucets? I normally close the faucets a little, turn the water on, then open the upstairs bathroom then the kitchen sink until I get a good flow.  We just have the upstairs bathroom and the kitchen so it’s not too hard for one person to do it. Once I get a good flow I turn them off completely and go about my day. Is this a reasonable way to prevent frozen pipes?  

Re: Water shut off to avoid frozen pipes

Shutting off the main does not drain the pipes and so they can still freeze. A better solution would be to insulat the pipes or to add heat tape.


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