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Water proofing the basement

I am in the beginning stages of water proofing my basement. The first thing I'm trying to do is run the water from the gutter far away from the foundation. My property is almost level till the very back of the yard but is 150' from the house. If I run a corrugated pipe that far will I run into problems and should I have a small catch basin? The reason I am doing this is because i get some water in the basement through a few cracks in the foundation which is the next part of trying to get the basement usable. I would highly appreciate any advice

Re: Water proofing the basement

DO NOT use the black corregated pipe. DO use the solid white (or green) pipe with NO holes.

The corregations clog. The holes clog.

To develop 'head pressure' and get the water out of the pipe, run the solid pipe up the house wall vertically at least 12" (18 would be nice) to keep the mulch from clogging the pipe AND allow a column of water to build which will push the rest of the water out the pipe, even if its fairly level.

When installing the pipes, always place the bell end upstream to have a smoother joint inside the pipes.

I have installed this system many times over the decades, including my own home, and have found this system to be virtually maintenance free.

Re: Water proofing the basement


There are innumerable reasons why water is getting into a particular basement, and there are TONS of articles written on how to solve the problem; before you jump in to dig a 150' trench to lay a drain line to the low part of your property you have to do A LOT MORE RESEARCH on why the leakage is happening to your particular basement.

Digging a 150' trench, especially if the soil is hardscrabble, rocky, or stony is backbreaking work & may require the high expense of hiring someone with a backhoe to do the job---and then it may not solve the problem!

You may eventually find the solution is focused on diverting all the roof runoff into drainpipes that empty into a modestly-dug drywell/french drain only 15 feet from the foundation; or some other solution; or perhaps a sump pump inside the basement is the only viable solution; a simple outside dry well/french drain can be a modest 5' X 5' hole filled with stones,old bricks & stone rubble with a 4" smooth-walled drain pipe leading into it from the house downspouts in the area where the water is getting into the cellar.

Read as many articles as you can & Google the phrases below to get a good background on the topic before you start anything, or spend lots of money on this deal; the sites below have a number of additional things to consider on keeping water out of the basement:

"How to install a drywell"
"How to install a french drain"
"How to install rain gutters"
"How to divert roof runoff away from the foundation"
"How to waterproof a wet basement"
"How to prevent a wet basement"


Re: Water proofing the basement

If at all possible avoid a 'french drain' or drywell.

An open ended system works FAR better and will not clog

Re: Water proofing the basement

Thank you for the advice. I have decided to run it with the 35 schedule pipe. Will I need a catch basin in this system.

Re: Water proofing the basement
Tonyriz wrote:

Thank you for the advice. I have decided to run it with the 35 schedule pipe. Will I need a catch basin in this system.

Check with your local codes department- chances are that you're OK without one.


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