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Water pressure varies

The water pressure in the house varies when a faucet, shower or commode flushes. When the other faucet, shower or commode finishes filling, the water pressure will increase. I have measured the water pressure. It is 50 lbs without any use in the house. When two faucets are on it may drop to 20 lbs and then go to 40 lbs when one is turned off. My question is "could the pressure regulator not be working properly? I have PEX plumbing.

Re: Water pressure varies

It sounds like it is the pressure regulator. They can be rebuilt but in most cases you are better off to replace it.


Re: Water pressure varies

Another possibility is undersized piping. PEX is pretty new stuff, so if the installation was done to code this shouldn't be a problem. If they went 'on the cheap' and used 1/2" throughout (I've seen this several times) there isn't enough flow for more than a couple things at once. The problem could also exist between the meter and the regulator, especially if that was an old pipe which didn't get replaced when the house was replumbed (I've seen a LOT of that). Probably the regulator though.

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