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Water Pressure Problems

I've got a place with it's own well water. After an issue with the guest toilet constantly running, the filter became clogged and the diaphragm tank drained of air pressure. I proceeded to replace the filter, and refill the diaphragm tank to it's normal air pressure, and cleaned up the wiring for the well pump while I was at it. Now, when I go to use the water anywhere in the house, it will run at lower than normal pressure for about a minute, spit air out as if there's air in the line, then fail to flow any water at all. I'm thinking the well pump somehow sucked something it shouldn't have up into it, but I'm hoping it's something simpler. I also dont have the most experience working on house stuff, but I'm willing to learn/do anything, as I'm good with working on things. Any suggestions on where to start/look?

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