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water pressure problem

I live on a farm with one well supplying 2 homes. The well is drilled w/ a 1 1/2 hp submerged pump. There is a 1" pvc pipe running about 1/4 mile across a field that feeds our home. We have only 20# or less of water pressure. We have been told short of replacing the water line with 2" or bigger and/or drilling our own well the problem cannot be eradicated. I am looking for viable options that will fix this problem permanently for a much lower cost. Are there any fixes available that WILL work and not just MIGHT work. Thanks, David Lamb

You will never thirst again when you drink the water that God offers!! His is the Living Water!!

Re: water pressure problem

I think God will fix it.

Re: water pressure problem

God probably has a whole lot more important things to do than to fix my water problems. Possibly to save the lost and to help His creation through life would be major undertakings all on their own, wouldn't you say?

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Re: water pressure problem

how about installing a holding tank in your basement. the well pump can fill it up at any pressure then you put a new pump on the tank and get 60-65psi from that into the house. much cheaper than drilling a new well.

Re: water pressure problem

What sort of pump are you referring to. Is this a relatively cheap pump or are we talking lots of money for it. Also how would I hook up my existing line to it.

Re: water pressure problem

Pressure booster pump http://www.amtrol.com/pressuriser.htm You'll have to check prices locally.

Re: water pressure problem

I worked on a large facility on well water and because they were concerned that during peak demand the well might not keep up with usage and the flush control valves on the toilets might not shut off perpetuating the problem, they came up with this solution.
It was to have the well fill a large tank with float switches and then feed the building with booster pumps that pressurized a holding tank.
Maybe a bit much for a residential problem, but a booster pump of some kind should be able to fix your problem.
It won't be particularly cheap, but if you can do the work yourself their will be a big savings.

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