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Water pressure fluctuates

A new problem has cropped up in our plumbing. It only seems to affect the sink in our upstairs bathroom. The water pressure has begun fluctuating from higher-than-normal to almost-nothing. Often times if the pressure is low, turning off the faucet and then turning it back on will bring the pressure back up. The problem is most pronounced on the cold side, though I see it a little bit on the hot.

Is this an issue with the faucet or perhaps somewhere further down the line?

FYI, It's an older home with mostly copper pipe & city water.

Re: Water pressure fluctuates

Try cleaning the aereator.

Re: Water pressure fluctuates

If you are only seeing this problem with the cold side, you may have a problem with the faucett cold water valve or the angle stop under the sink. there might be some debris that is being pushed against the valve when the water is on, then when you turn off the valve it falls away from the valve and allows more water to flow for a while.

Re: Water pressure fluctuates

Welp, now the problem is on both sides.


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