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Water Pressure

I have well water and pressure has always been a problem. We recently upgraded our pressure tank for better pressure but it doesn't seem much better. Then my husband didn't turn the bypass valves back on when servicing our acid neutralizer tank. Wow. the pressure was great. However, after a few days our water tasted like pennies, and I had blue stains in the sinks. My question is can we repipe the system so that the neutralizer tank and whole house water filter are on the line BEFORE the pressure tank or must they come after the pressure tank?

Re: Water Pressure

A bladder tank does not control the pressure, the larger tank only provides more reserve so the pump runs less often. The pressure is controlled by the pressure switch They generally come from the factory preset to 20/40 lbs or 30/50 lbs. The low number is the pressure at which the pump kicks on the higher is the pressure at which the pump shuts off. Some have one some have two screws that can be adjusted to raise or lower the pressure. There is usually a diagram inside the cover that shows which screw controls what and which way to turn to increase or decrease the pressure. If the pressure is increased it will be necessary to empty the bladder tank and increse the air charge in the top to 2 lbs less than the new on pressure.

Putting anything that would restrict flow before the bladder tank will cause excessive work on the pump and shorten its life.

You don't say how long its been since the acid neutralizer tank was installed or serviced. It may be time.

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