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Water pipes rumbling !!

Whenever we use water, even icemaker, we get a low rumbling from pipes in basement.
This just started today.
Have NOT done any plumbling work, house is 3 yrs old and does have a small surg (for use of better word) tank mounted above the hot water heater!!
Thanks in advance for any help.

Re: Water pipes rumbling !!

If this "rumbling" sound is heard while using water and not as the water is suddenly turned off then it may be from a few things.. .......Depending on the sound that's being heard.

If it only happens when using a certain faucet the faucet washer may be loose or damaged causing the sounds .
Try tightening the screw the washer in the faucet stem. If the problem stops and later returns, then it's time for a new stem assembly.

If it's more of a moaning , humming,or fog horn sound .....
A faulty diaphram inside the toilet ballcock (fill valve) will cause resonance sounds like these.

Here's an easy way to tell if this is the cause...........

Close the supply valves to all the toilets. If the noise disappears, open them one-by-one till the noise starts again. Replace the ballcock in that toilet.

High water pressure can cause a variety of problems including noises..... also damage toilet valves and other devices connected to the plumbing.

If you're on a city water system, ask your neighbors if they are having similar problems. Some city water systems have higher pressures in the main lines and may have pressure reducers between the main line and your house, at the meter. In this case, if the pressure regulator is defective you could have high pressure even if your neighbors don't.

If your pressure is above 60psi you may want to adjust your pressure reducer or install one.

You may have a regulator installed inside the home already and may be a problem with the pressure regulator if your sound happens while the water's running :

  1. it happens at more than one faucet
  2. turning on other faucets changes the tone
  3. the pressure changes with the sound

While the noise is happening, check to see if it seems to be coming from the regulator. If so, the regulator may need to be replaced.

If you have a well you probably have a water pressure meter.... check to make sure it isn't more than 60 psi.

Just some thoughts. :)

Re: Water pipes rumbling !!

[QUOTE=YukYuk]Any other construction activity in the basement? possibly a main hanger dislodged, a support block dislodged, or something is hanging from your main water supply pipe, bumped it, or leaning against it. Do you have a pressure reducing valve at your main? Have you made any adjustments to it?

Other thoughts, perhaps your main shut off or cold water inlet valve isn't fully open (something may have bumped it, or if gate valve recently turned off may not have fully opened when you spun it open) or your water supplier may have increased the main pressure for your neighborhood, ask your water department if that is a possibility.

I suspect the "small surg" tank you referred to is an expansion tank. It may require service. I would also check the temperature setting of your water heater, it may have inadvertantly been dialed up to a higher temperature. It would also be a good time to test the temperature and pressure release valve on your water heater making sure it can open freely.[/QUOTE

The expansion tank has the air valve on top. How much air is nornal, and do I have to drain system to check pressure?
I do have a pressure regulator located just above the main shut off from water dist. main supply line.
I have done no work on water system. Have turned the toilets off one at a time and also even put the water filter in by pass position. Did not stop it!!

Re: Water pipes rumbling !!
YukYuk wrote:

I'd start with checking the pressure regulator at the main and verifying pressure at a hose bib or elsewhere, since you're experiencing this even with cold water to the ice maker. After you've verified that, then I'd address the expansion tank, but that's less likely the only cause since you experience this everywhere even with cold water and is apparently not reduced or stops when you run the water and allow it to run for a time, and you made no mention of spurting, etc. at the faucets. Assuming your water heater checked out okay, and that the main to the water heater is supported and not chattering as I mentioned this previously and you quoted it.

You've repeated you've done no work to the plumbing, but I mentioned other activities, including did you recently close a main valve or the inlet to the water heater then reopen it? Gate type valves are notorious for sticking even though the handle spins.

All I have done is install a suspended ceiling in basement.
Nothing close to any water pipes as they are way up in the manafactured floor joists.
This is a rumlbling not chattering.
I shut off the supply to the house in basement and went out and watched the water meter for signs of leak between the street supply and main shut off in basement. No leaking there!
I also put water filter on by-pass, still rumbling!
I have yard irrigation system but didn't use it before the rumbling started.
A PUZZLER as I have never had this before.
Thanks too all of you for the advice and info. Maybe we will whip this raschal problem.

Re: Water pipes rumbling !!

Have listened to try and tell if the sound may be coming from the regulator?

Re: Water pipes rumbling !!
canuk wrote:

Have listened to try and tell if the sound may be coming from the regulator?

:DOK Guys and gals!!!!!!!
Problem solved (why, I duna know)
I Adjusted the pressure valve just a smigin up. I turned to left (I assume was lowering), sound got more prononced then back past original setting and a little more, sound stopped.
Why this would of just started is WAAAAY beyond me:confused:. Unless the water dist had a lowering of their pressure.
I will be checking the house pressure as soon as my neighbor brings his gauge over here!
Anyway's, I want to express my appreciation for all your info and suggestions and help.
Ray, rumbling stopped, Miller

Re: Water pipes rumbling !!

Ray, rumbling stopped, Miller

Problem solved (why, I duna know)

Good stuff.... thanks for the update.:)

It's possible if the pressure was too high it could have been velocity noise.

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