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Water Pipe Vibration

When our single stem kitchen faucet is opened less than fully, a vibrating noise develops where the water service enters the house (about 35' from the faucet). This occurs if the faucet is turned to full cold, full hot or anywhere in between. The pipe comes through the block basement wall and is mortared in place. It turns 90 degrees up and turns 90 degrees again to run along the bottom of the floor joists above. The distance from where it enters the house and the first nylon pipe hanger (on the bottom of the closest joist) is about 4'. This does not seem to occur when other faucets are turned on. The faucet is about 2 years old. Any ideas on why this vibration occurs? Thanks in advance!!!

Re: Water Pipe Vibration

Could be any one of 4 or 5 possibilities; you'll have to do a process of elimination to find the cause.

If it's occuring only with the faucet in question, I would look at that first.

First, make sure all clamps & pipes on the water supply line are secured and tightened.

Adjust the on/off control under the cabinet to fully open.

Even though it sounds like the noise is coming from the entry of the main water supply, I suspect it's the faucet itself.

See if you can get the name and model # of the faucet & check their website for what it looks like.

There are 3 or 4 types of single-stem faucets:

Rotating ball; Ceramic disk; tipping valve; and cartridge faucets.

Google the one you have to try & get diagrams of what it looks like.

Turn off the water supply valves for both hot & cold water under the cabinet.

Stuff a rag in the drain hole of the sink to avoid losing small parts & use a hex wrench to remove the single handle to get to the guts of the faucet.

The inlet or outlet seals may be worn (they look like small, neophrene black plugs), or a small part broken.

See if they have a rebuild kit at the big box stores.

Other causes, could be water pressure too high, no water hammer dampers in the line, etc.

Re: Water Pipe Vibration

One other thing to add to JacktheShack's informative post... do you have a sprayer at that faucet and will the noise disappear when using the sprayer ?

Re: Water Pipe Vibration

Thanks for the replys. I did some detective work today and discovered that the noise was not limited to use of the kitchen faucet. I started at the laundry sink (farthest from the line entering the house, which is where the noise is heard) and worked ny way through all the faucets in the house. Opening the faucet halfway with hot water generated the noise with the first two faucets, full open or halfway with cold water only did not generate the noise. The remainder of the faucets did not generate the noise in any setting. Remarkably, by the time I was done the first two faucets did not generate the noise either, although within an hour the noise started again with some (but not all faucets).

To summarize, it seems to be related to the hot water, and I'm not able to isolate specific faucets that initiate the noise. And to answer an earlier question, there is a sprayer attached to the kitchen faucet. Thanks again for your assistance, I'm open to any and all suggestions. (FYI, I'm planning to have a plumber do any neccessary repairs, I was just hoping to isolate the problem before I called in the pros.)

Re: Water Pipe Vibration

I'm thinking that perhaps your water heater is equipped with a check valve and that's where the noise is generated.

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