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water new tree in cold weather?

I'm planting 4 new trees this evening. I'm in central Ohio and wondering how long and how often I should water these new trees as the weather turns progressively colder quickly? Is there a temperature at which I should not water below?

Re: water new tree in cold weather?

Add Milorganite in the hole before you plant the trees,your ok to water every couple days until it gets really cold. The trees should go dormant at some point depending on what type they are.

Re: water new tree in cold weather?

Make sure they don't dry out, which is probably unlikely this time of year.
If you get any days where the ground thaws later in the winter a little water shouldn't hurt, but may not be needed.

Re: water new tree in cold weather?

I agree if you have deciduous trees then continue watering once a week at least until the leaves begin to fall. If you have an evergreen tree then wait until the temperature reaches about 40 degrees and then stop. Don't forget to place a bit of mulch around your tree as that will help it retain moisture. Good luck to you with your trees!:)

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