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Water Leaking into house

I have had water problems in the yard since I bought the house a few yrs ago. I have since installed a drain in the middle of my yard and sloped the yard to the drain. I also have the downspouts on my house tied into the drain. This has helped alot with the yard puddling. The only real problem I still have is by the basement stairs. Its about 4feet below the yard and covered with a roof. So I dont get rainwater falling in this area. What I think is happening is that since its the lowest spot the water is collecting there slowly and entering the house between the door and the threshold once enough water has accumulated. How can I stop this water from entering? I thought of a sump pump outside but scared of it freezing. I thought of installing a half door into the basement. I'm thinking maybe dig a trench on the inside of basement right inside the door and channeling the water to the sump pump on the other side of the house. But none of these ideas really fix the problem of the water building up there right outside the door. Does anyone have any other ideas?

Re: Water Leaking into house

If you think that the water is coming in at the threshhold, you could try putting in a drain system outside the door. What I'm talking about is a French drain, spanning the width of the threshhold. It will mean cutting the concrete and chipping out the strip. Once it's gone, dig down about a foot or 18" and fill it with crushed rock. You'll have to put some sort of a grate across the opening which may mean a little formwork and some concrete. I guess it's possible that you could buy a metal grate and if it's thin enough, you could actually surface mount it across the drain. Just some thoughts.

Good Luck.

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