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Water leak from gap in attic wall

Hi. I'm a first time home owner(of a new house). I recently found a water leak coming thru the floor and into the basement. I checked the window area and the pipes going thru the floor (the plumber checked the pipes also) but everything was dry. As a last resort I looked in the attic. I notice that there is an area on the side walls that I can see a gap between the 2 pieces of plywood, where the 2 pieces should meet horizontally. I see "filtered" light coming thru this gap so I'm thinking this is the cause of the leak. The gap is about 1/4" but only on one end. Any ideas how this can be fixed?
I have a single level house with vinyl siding and an unfinished attic.

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Re: Water leak from gap in attic wall
Re: Water leak from gap in attic wall

I'd also look for a housewrap like "Tyvek" under the vinyl. Vinyl siding is more often installed wrong than right with the allowange for expansion being too much so the pieces 'fit' the first time around. Even with all that, there isn't supposed to be a gap in the wood sheathing under the vinyl siding, so if it were me I'd be pulling down enough vinyl to be sure that this gap is an isolated incident and not a common one throughout the house.

Vinyl is easy to deal with and goes back easily by tacking it back into the original nailholes with longer nails if they are in the studs, or by adding new nails in the studs to hold it securely if they didn't hit the studs. If you have a large area to do, number the pieces on the back so they go back in the right spot. My system is to number the line from the bottom up and alphabetize from left to right across the wall.

Properly installed and maintained vinyl siding isn't as bad a product as some make it out to be, but since it seems so easy to do there are a lot of people out there doing it wrong even though there are instructions printed on every box and a more comprehensive installation brochure availlable for free from the manufacturer.


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