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Water Leak in Ceiling

Last Friday, I noticed few drops of water from my living room ceiling. There is master bedroom upstairs.
No bathroom sinks or tub right above where I noticed the leak.

The water dropped from the rim of the 'receded lights' in the room, then I noticed water mark for about 4 ft along the drywall sheet connections (where the 4x8 drywall sheet ends). No water marks or dampness near the edges of the window inside! 4 ft from the window, I could trace wet water marks traveling up towards the beam. After that I could not trace the water mark!

So, I opened a small are of the roof to see where water leak is happening. Could not locate the origin. This happened while there was heavy rain. I immediately went upstairs to check if the bedroom floor is damp (no it was dry & clean), checked the wall outside/deck - could not locate how the leak is happening.
The leak happens about 4 to 6 ft away from the window/wall; There are two lines of water mark - both 4 ft apart along the drywall sheet borders. so, i guess, the water leak comes from beam above, touches the drywall sheet, travels & just leaks where there is this 'connectors'.
Then the leak stopped after few minutes. No more leaks for the past 3 days.

Any ideas how to locate where the water is entering?

The water marks are very similar to the photos posted in the thread 'Dripping Ceiling' (CT member).


Re: Water Leak in Ceiling

I too am having trouble with a ceiling leak and don't know where it is originating from. I'm in Wisconsin and we are going through a warm spell, about all the snow has melted and it has been raining for a few days now.

The drips are coming from a crack in the ceiling of the living room, in the middle of the room. The upstairs room above this room is completely dry and I have no upstairs plumbing.

I'm guessing that maybe the water is making it's way from outside somewhere??? I'm not sure how much water may be in the ceiling and was thinking to drill a hold and let it drain out. Is that a good idea or no?

Here is a picture of what I am dealing with, any help is very much appreciated.

Re: Water Leak in Ceiling

If you can't find the leaks with your eyes then try Infrared thermal imaging.
I have several pics on my front page of water leaks .Find someone in your area-it works fast and non destructive

Re: Water Leak in Ceiling

Thanks for the response. I am checking out local service provider for doing infrared thermal imaging in Northern California (near SF).

I guess, it might help me find other heat leaks, weak spots that need better insulation as well.


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