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Water leak from 2 floor bathroom

We have a full bathroom . It is on the 2nd floor.Full tub, sink and toilet. We had to turn water off to it due to a major leak. Between the floors are the pipes to the tub , sink and toilet. On day my step son was sitting under the leak, before we knew we had one. The wall and part of the ceiling fell on him. At once we turn off all water to there. But Now how to fix it. Only can get to a few pipes from down stairs where we lost the wall. The rest of the pipes are between the floors and Maybe part of our bed room closet. With out taking out tub , sink and floor out of the 2nd floor bathroom, How can we fit this leak?

Re: Water leak from 2 floor bathroom

Well you are going to have to determine what is leaking.... is it a drain pipe or a water pipe that's leaking for example.

Chances are you might end up having to open a ceiling on the lower floor or a wall on the upper floor to access the plumbing to find out the cause and to be able to do the repair.

Re: Water leak from 2 floor bathroom

I don't know much about plumbing. Have you tried to find the leak in all pipes? Or call for the plumber he will help you.

Re: Water leak from 2 floor bathroom

opening up the ceiling would be the best bet, this way you wont have to pull the tub or floor up.. repairing drywall is much easier than replacing a tile floor both in labour and cost

Re: Water leak from 2 floor bathroom

If you turned off all the stops or shut-off valves upstairs and the water stopped, then you have a leak on a drain or possibly on your tub surround.

Let's go to the Toilet next - does it rock when you place your palms on each side of the bowl and wiggle a bit? If so, pull the toilet and replace the bolts, wax and water supply hose to the tank, using plastic shims to level the toilet so it doesn't rock BEFORE you tighten the Flange Bolt Nuts at the base of the bowl.

Let's go behind the tub next - can you gain access to the backside of the bathtub and open that wall where you can see the Waste & Overflow pipes and the Tub Faucet from behind? Once you can see behind, then fill the tub up with a few inches of water, checking the Tub Shoe connection on the bottom of the tub - then fill the tub all the way to the Overflow and see if you get water from the Overflow Gasket. Drain the Tub and look down where the drain goes below the floor for leaking. Finally, run the shower - sometimes a leak will be on the Riser Pipe or the connection of the Shower Arm to the Dog-Eared Elbow in the wall.

Do you have black mildew growing where the wall meets the tub? If so, then you know water has already gotten behind the tile or finish material of the Tub Surround.

Sometimes you may have a leak on a Lavatory Sink Drain, but in my experience that is rare.

I hope this helps...

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