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Water Instrusion Due to Rain

I'm not going to solve my problem here, but ask what professional (work background) would be best at identifying the problem.

I've lived in my 1964 house (all brick & below grade cinder block) for 3 years, but water intrusion nows show substantial damage - - in No. Virginia, about 44 inches rain annually (it doesn't rain, it down pours like a jungle)

The house is on sloped property with the front displaying the main level and the back showing a walk-out basement (and finished family room) - - footprint is about 55x35 feet.

The back brick wall is very wet after rain and now the interior cinder block wall is powdering & paint is yellowing from mosture. The front has, I think, unrelated draing problems, including leaking into the roof overhang.

I suspect the gutters, both front & back, are failing somehow and not carrying water away. I suspect, but only suspect, the gutters were not engineered for the right size. I assume there are technical standards based roof size, slope and location to design a gutter sizing ?

My down sprouts are, I believe, standard 3x2 but copper with nice green platina. It would be expensive to replace with 4x3 Copper if runoff is a problem .

I also see pouring water coming "through" between the gutter and roof edge at the area where the interior cinder wall is wet. I had a gutter person look at it, and he checked & corrected the gutter pitcher from the center to the sides, re-hung loose gutter sections, and ran "hose" water down the downspouts to check for blockage, either in the downsprout or ground drains (we are guessing the downspouts are tied to ceramic drain pipes directing water down towards the sloped backyard).

The house was built by a local housebuilder for himself and custom designed by an architect.

I see overlaping expertise -- a roofer who could evaluate the gutter INSTALLATION, but would they have the design knowledge. Some landscapers have drainage experience - so if the gutter was designed & installed properly, who can determine if the ground drainage is inadequate or blocked ? If the ground drains were blocked, maybe water is backed up at the gutters/down spouts ? The water hose "test" doesn't simulate the amount of water from rain downpours here, so a partial drain block would seem to me can handle hose water volume.

Alos, roofers make money installinmg roof -- a old hand who knows all the issues would hard to find to come out and trouble shoot.

And ideas ??

Re: Water Instrusion Due to Rain

When in doubt, call a general contractor with local experience. I'm sure he can refer you to one of his contacts.

If it were me, I'd solve the leak before summer ends,

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