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Ohio Paul
Water Heater Vent Connection to Chimney

I am in need of a solution to properly connect my water heater exhaust vent to the chimney. I replaced my water heater about two years ago and have been putting off finding a proper remedy. There is a 6" diameter by 5" deep hole in my chimney in which my water heater vent needs to connect. The exhaust vent you see in the picture is the one in use for now. I simply used the vent already there from the old water heater. Water heater is located in basement of two story home.

Issue is that the vent, where it connects to the chimney, is rotted and no longer secured to the chimney at all. For the time being I have to shove the vent into the chimney hole and just keep it propped in place. Which is obviously not a long term solution.

I think knowing what type of connection that directly attaches to chimney is key to start with. Thanks in advance:)

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