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Water Heater Trouble Shooting

I have a recirculating pump connected to a 4 yr. old 80 gal water heater. This pump was replaced 10 months ago.
This week the hot water went out. Sandy deposits were in the water faucet strainers when using the hot water.

I replaced the two 4500 watt heating elements after draining the tank. I didn't check the anode.
After refilling the tank I'm not getting full hot water. It shifts between hot & cold (seems like the recirculating pump).
I increased the thermostat settings to about 135 degrees.

Any Ideas?

How do you check a thermostat with a multi meter?
How do you check the Pump?

Re: Water Heater Trouble Shooting

Is the tank top fed? The dip tube might be broken causing the cold water to stay at the top of the tank. Are there check valves in the appropriate places? It would be very uncommon for the pump to fail in only 10 months.
Here is a "How to" for checking a water heater thermostat.

Re: Water Heater Trouble Shooting

Thanks for the help. A call to the Mftr. determined it was the thermostat.
I'll recommend your web site. Thanks again.

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