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Water heater question

Hello all,
I have some questions about water heating solutions. Currently I have an indirect hot water heater that is coupled with an oil burner. The setup isn't that old and works well. The problem I have is burning oil in the summer time, just for the hot water. So what can I do to keep the efficiency of the indirect setup in the winter when the oil burner is in use to heat the house but not burn oil in the summer?

I was thinking of buying the new GE Hybrid water heater and putting it right next to the indirect water heater. In the summer I could run the electric water heater and then in the winter I could run the indirect. I'll just need to do some fancy pluming. Or should I just remove the indirect water heater and use the GE Hybrid 100% of the time? Or do nothing and just burn oil in the summer?


Re: Water heater question


Follow the 3rd option & continue to use the oil burner to heat your water.

It has been demonstrated numerous times that because an indirect tank is so heaviy insulated, and uses the same hot water in the boiler for both heat and as a heat exchanger for the HW, it is the most efficient way of obtaining domestic HW.

Keep track of how much oil you use in the summer---remember when an oil burner fires, it usually burns for a few minutes, then shuts off---the nozzles in these burners are rated at approx. 1 gallon of oil per hour, usually less---at 3/4 gallon per hour or 1/2 gallon per hour.

That means it takes the oil burner a long time to burn a gallon of oil in the summer.

There a subtle ways to reduce oil consumption in the summer---turn down the thermostat on the indirect so it heats the water to say, 120 degrees; also turn down the low limit dial on the aquastat (little square gray box sitting on front of boiler) to its lowest setting (usually 140 degrees).


Re: Water heater question

3rd option it is, thanks for the feedback!

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