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Water heater problem/water softner?

I have well water and hard water. I replaced my old softner with a new Water-Right system almost a year ago. I never had a problem with white (salt?) buildup in my hot water tank before. I now have buildup above the water heater drain cock and cannot drain the tank of water or buildup. I am concerned that the buildup will eventually cover the bottom electric water heater element. The setting on the softner is 9 and the actual hardness is 11. Any idea about what is happening?

Re: Water heater problem/water softner?

I had a similiar problem. I had troublle draining the water heater. I kept pushing a coat hanger up the opening and a little would come out. After a lot of work and time I got it to drain out. I was getting a silicon type of material out of the drain. I call the water company and they came out. They did an an alysis on the material and it was the anode rod. They said that the excessive soft water was dissolving the rod and plugging te drain. They said to lower the hardness setting on the water softner. That has worked. No more trouble with draining the water heater. I have not tried to remove the anode rod to see if it is still there.

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