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Water Heater Help


My wife and I recently purchased a new home. Things are going great, except for one problem, the noise our water heater venting pipe makes.

We have a gas water heater, which is in the middle of our basement. Unit is just a few years old. There is a motor on top of the water heart, which is used to help vent the system. The heater forces the air through a PVC pipe, which vents out the side of our home. The pipes travel directly under our master bath. I would say the pipe is about 60 feet.

While the system is on, the PVC pipe makes a very loud clicking noise, which seems to happen every few seconds. The problem continues to occur, even when the unit is off.

I tried securing the pipe to the floor joists, but it continues to make a banging sound. Tried putting some insulation on the outside vent, but the problem continues.

Before I call a plumber or HVAC spe******t, does anyone have any ideas or suggestions?

The noise is driving us crazy!!

Thanks so much!!

CT Ryan

Re: Water Heater Help

1. A 60' long horizontal gas water heater vent may be too long. Check your local code. You may have to relocate the unit.

2. PVC may be the wrong vent. In my city, only galv steel vents allowed, due to the heat generated by the heater.

Call a lic plumber.

MLB Construction
Re: Water Heater Help

dj has a good point about the length of the pipe. the pvc, which is allowed with some heaters, heats up quite a bit and will expand and contract considerably. first see if pvc is allowed on that heater, if it is allowed, you can check all the hangers that support it throughout it's run. the clicking you're hearing is probably the pvc sliding through the hangers that support it.

Re: Water Heater Help

According to the OP's description this is a power vented water heater. In which case they are usually designed to vent its products of combustion through Schedule
40 (solid or cellular core) properly sized PVC, CPVC, or ABS pipe vent pipe to the outdoors. It should also be able to vent easily at 60 feet provided the proper sized piping is used.
The clicking is likely a rubbing sound as the plastic piping expands and contracts. Either the hangers are too tight or the piping may be too close to the floor joists or both.

Re: Water Heater Help

It sounds to me the damper is going bad on the water heater and when it shuts off and it goes to close its having issues closing.

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