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Water heater - Gas vs. Hybrid Electric

I have a natural gas 40 gallon water heater that needs to be replaced soon and I am considering a hybrid electric unit as a replacement. I have seen some sites that compare gas to traditional electric units, but not much in the way of gas vs. hybrid electric units. I would need to run a 220V line for the electric unit and would factor that in the equation. However, I am interested in the long-term cost analysis. My local utility company has a $500 rebate on the hybrid electric unit and that helps to make it attractive.

Also, not sure if it matters in terms of the decision between the two, but we have hard water.

Does anyone have any thoughts on which one they would recommend based on the cost to operate?

Re: Water heater - Gas vs. Hybrid Electric

Long term? natural gas will be cheaper to run than electric. Don't let a $500 electric company rebate blind you.

Traditional natural gas water heater, while not 100% perfect, is still the best and most efficient way to heat up water. Let me know when solar becomes available, because only solar has the potential to dethrone natural gas.

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