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Water heat up bad

My husband and I just moved into a house a couple months ago and we are having some sort of problem with our water, its hard to explain but here we go: We have a brita filter and it seems to work well however when we want to heat up the water in our electric tea kettle to have cappuccino the cappuccino gets nasty (its hard describe) but it gets flaky. We thought that it was the cappuccino we were using and so we threw that one out and got a new one and it is happening again:(. This also happens when we put creamer in our coffee so our only idea would be that its the water. :confused: If anyone could help us that would be great.

Re: Water heat up bad

I would guess that your water is very hard with lots of disolved minerals. I don't believe a Brita filter helps that. More for removing chlorine and impurities.
Try bottled water and see if that helps.
Try contacting the manufacturer of your cappuccino maker and see if they have any ideas.
Or search out coffee websites/forums and see if they can help.

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Re: Water heat up bad

As Ed suggests, take your tap water out of the equation by using bottled water. If it is still occurring, then you know it's not the water or filter. I also agree with Ed that it's likely mineral content or other impurity causing the problem.

Re: Water heat up bad

Hardness the brita filter will help a small amount on hardness but its such a small amount its not going to do much you could install a reverse osmosis and that would remove the hardness or a softener or you could ignore the hardness and keep drinking it I mean its just calcium, magnesium the chlorine most of it anyways would be remove from the filter the floaty looking material should be safe to drink long as your filter is new but would always recommend reverse osmosis or softener with whole home carbon filter in series.

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Re: Water heat up bad

Thank you so much for all of your help! I did indeed try using the bottled water and it worked great! So I guess its like you guys said that there is something that the brita water is not catching. Thanks for your help now I have to try and figure out how to fix it other then paying too much for it! Thanks!

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