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Water hammer: what's the best solution

Hi -

We just moved into a new place and it sounds like we have a water hammer issue. Whenever we turn any faucet on or off (with one exception) we hear pipe banging from one location in the house. I have seen the water hammer arrestors that are added to individual valves. But, is that the best solution for my situation? It would seem like I would need some other fix since the noise is coming from only one location no matter which faucet (almost) is turned on or off.

Other possibly relevant info: piping is PVC. The one faucet that doesn't hammer is the one with the water heater and clothes washer - I suspect it is on a separate line from the pipes that are banging (kitchen and bathrooms). Remodelers (obviously) did not leave a pipe map. :)

I'm hoping to avoid future, more costly repairs from a broken pipe by proactively repairing this problem.

Thanks in advance!


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