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Water Gushing Outside of the house

I was awakened by a noise that sounded like someone running a bath. No one was up, so I began looking around - nothing, just the noise. Went to the garage to the water heater it was making the noise like someone was using a ton of hot water. I went outside to turn the main water off, and when I went out I saw water gushing from the side of the house. :eek:(There has always been a small pipe coming out from the house that I never knew what it was for) I live in a brick home that was built in early 1980's. Who can tell me what this mysterious pipe is and why water (hot water) would be gushing out of it? Any feedback would be appreciated! Thanks

Gray Watson
Re: Water Gushing Outside of the house

First, turn OFF the water heater. If electric, turn off the breaker or remove the fuse(s), if gas or oil burner shut down the supply valve to the burner and turn off the switch and/or breaker if fan assisted. Next close the cold water valve to the water heater.

Temperature Pressure Reducing Valve (TRPV) on the storage water tank's drain path.

The TRPV is a safety device, when operating correctly will open in the event that the temperature or pressure within the water tank exceeds safety limits.

Another possibility is a floor drain or water vessle PAN's primary or secondary drain. A catestrophic failure of the tank itself (rupture, etc. of the inner tank beneath the insulation or a nearby water line might drain/leak to this same area).

Both drains should be indirectly plumbed (air gap).

A drainage spigot at the base of the water vessle is often controlled by a gate valve, many times of the cheap plasticy variety. These too can fail or get bumped open, or bumped broken.

The hot water lines may continue to drain back into the emptying tank by gravity even after you close the incoming cold water line's valve to the vessle. To speed up this emptying process, after closing the cold water inlet valve to the tank, open several faucets on the hot water side, at the highest and lowest parts of your hot water system (to allow air to enter and the water to drain).

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