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water falling from in between bowl and tank

I just replaced the thick spongy gasket that sits in between the bowl and tank and tighten the tanks bolts as tight as i could (without over tightening) and no matter how tight i tighten those bolts, water is still falling from the gap between the bowl and tank. Also, it always falls from the sides and not front or back (or at least that's what it looks like).
This is a 1982 Gerber toilet.
I took the old gasket which was really worn to home depot and got a similar one (which was the black color one from FluidMaster and not the red color one which comes in the FluidMaster toilet to bowl kit).

Any ideas on what I am doing wrong???


A. Spruce
Re: water falling from in between bowl and tank

A couple things come to mind, it is hopefully the lesser of the evils. First, the inlet/flush valve where it penetrates the tank could be leaking. Tighten the nut on the outside of the tank. The tank bolts could be leaking. Tightening may help as long as the bolts, washers, or gaskets have not been compromised. The last, and worst scenario is the tank is cracked, likely between the tank bolts and the tank grommet that seals the tank to the bowl.

Re: water falling from in between bowl and tank

thanks spruce...
after checking the toliets for cracks and tightened the nuts..
i called the manufacture (Gerber) and they sent me (free of charge) a larger and a little big longer spongy gasket (bigger than the one that i got from home depot) and that did the trick.

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