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Water & Expansion Tank Pressures

What is the suggested water pressure in a house with all spigots off? My gauge reads 58-65 psi. Should I screw down the pressure reducing valve some? What should I air up a new expansion tank bladder to before installing it? Should the psi in the bladder be a little more or less or right at the average static psi?

Re: Water & Expansion Tank Pressures

Generally speaking you want the pressure to be below 80 lbs.
A bladder tank should be precharged to 2 lbs less than the on pressure of the pump switch.

Re: Water & Expansion Tank Pressures

Thx Jim. I am on city water rather than a well. The expansion tank bladder refered to is the tank used to compensate for the increased system presure due to hot water expansion. The system is closed in that it has a check valve in the line from the city. Any change on your thoughts?

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