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Water Drainage

I have a bi-level home with a walk out basement on lower level. The patio has retaining walls. When it rains or snows, we have water coming out from underneath the house and by the retaining walls. Is there some way we can fix this? Is this a serious problem? Our gutter is clean and the water moves away from the house. As far as we know we don't have water in the basement, since it is all tiled or carpeted. Any suggestions? By the way when we moved in we later found these clay pots in the dirt in the backyard, um not for sure why.

Re: Water Drainage

Right on target DB! But today, these old ways(that work so well)are often omitted, more like forgotten? I see far too many homes go up without much thought as to drainage, or with improperly installed drain systems. Areas with less permeable soil, like the clay here in upstate SC, can't absorb water quickly in a heavy rain so it has to run off at the surface. Sandier soils drain better and usually don't need a lot of help provided the house was sited and graded correctly.

As a rule, if the water is staying outside and nothing is being undermined, you don't have a problem. If the drained water is a problem after it leaves the house area amending the soil in the problem area, regrading, or adding a dry well system may help. If you live in an area with a high water table(like much of Florida)there's not much you can do since water will seek it's own level, and if it has nowhere to go except up then that's where it will go.


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Re: Water Drainage

Thanks MC & DB for your response, I am sorry it took awhile for me to respond back. Your information has been helpful.

We don't live on a hillside so that is one of my concerns. The water run off is a foot away from the drain that is on the patio. We were planning on putting floor tile on the patio but we were told by the contractor that until we know where the water is coming from that we would be unable to lay tile down...it would ruin the tile work.

The home was built in 67. If we had a broken water pipe under the home, then we would probaly have water damage inside the home? I am hoping to rule that out. Could this be groundwater? Would this cause the foundation to weaken in the future?

When we moved in a couple of years ago our neighbor was building a trench on the side of his home. He said when it rains alot he has had water going into his basement. Last year we had a major rain fall and both our neighbors had water damage...water was seeping through their basement walls. Our neighbors do not have a large walkout patio like ours, they only have a very small walkout for exit only. We didn't have any seepage and the water just went in the drain on the patio.

Thanks for your response,


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