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Water in crawlspace

I guess this is another water in crawlspace thread but it is more the cause that is unusual, if you would bear with me.

See pic 1 where you can see the general landscape, on the left is the boundary with my neighbor, it is a foot or two higher than my house. Mine is not at the bottom either, there are few houses below mine. You can see the driveway sloping away. On the right is my house with what I think is the suspect area I need your help on.

Pic 2 is looking up at the house from the driveway, water tends to run into that corner of the foundation after a period of rain, underneath the foundation wall and on the inside, into the crawlspace and this is where I am a little stumped.

Looking at pics, you can see the driveway sloping away, pic 2 shows that the driveway is below the garage from where the first pic is taken.

So I am perplexed as to why and how water can seep back into the crawlspace????

There are a few options I can think of:
1. Install French drain on the side of the house, pic 1.
2. Use expanding cement to fill the gap in the foundation where water currently seeps in. This may cause water to find another way in.
3. Locate the leak from the outside but where???

During the rain, I walk around the house to make sure all downspouts take water away from the house and that there are no puddles near the foundation wall.

The only other cause is that water comes underneath the driveway from the neighbor side?

Please give me ideas!

Re: Water in crawlspace

No one?
I could use some help here.

Timothy Miller
Re: Water in crawlspace

Howdy, looking ayour photos it appears that a down spout drain extension pipe is laid on the driveway. Is this the corner of the home that gets wet in the crawlspace? The drivway is it almost level with the lanscaping next to the house- does rain water run from the asphault onto the landscape next to the house?
You could dig down into the crawl space in the wet area an install a sump pump in a pump pit( plastic barrel with holes in it to allow water to enter it from the sides. This would require electrical to run the pump and pipe the water out of the crawlspace. But good news this may keep the crawl space dry without the huge cost of a perimeter drain system. Do your neighbors down spouts drain tword your home? If so have you approached them to add drainage pipe to devert their water away from this area of your home.

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