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Water circuit breaker keeps shutting off

My water source is a well and it was put in in 1999. This year the circuit breaker for the pump has started to shut off with no set pattern. I had someone over and he thought it was the pressure tank and we replaced it. But it is still shutting off at the breaker. It might go off several times a day, but lately just once per day with several days (two to three weeks in-between). I usually shock the system with chlorine to combat an iron bacterial oder problem once every month or two and it seems to occur right after that but that doesn't seem to be the only things setting it off. Sometimes it occurs the day after a heavy laundery day, but then again by flushing the toilet. As I said the frequency has no pattern.

Right now, I reset the breaker per occurrence and wait for the next time or until it shuts off completely. Any ideas?:confused:

A. Spruce
Re: Water circuit breaker keeps shutting off

Sounds like an electrical fault. Check all the connections and as much of the line as possible from the breaker to the well head. If that doesn't do it, you're probably gonna need to pull the pump out of the well for an inspection.

Re: Water circuit breaker keeps shutting off

Any chance the circuit breaker is going bad? The ones I have had go bad have quit all at once though.
Either an electrical fault as mentioned or the pump is drawing too much current because of a problem.

MLB Construction
Re: Water circuit breaker keeps shutting off

they're both right. i would start at the panel, check the breaker. check any connections between the panel and where the wires disappear below ground. if you don't find anything, the pump could be starting to freeze up. sort of the same principal as when you have to push the reset on the disposal so it won't burn the motor out because it's stuck.

Re: Water circuit breaker keeps shutting off

All electric motors eventually the insulating breaks down in the winding. I would get a master electrician to mag the the winding's. if they are ok then something else besides the motor is at fault.

Re: Water circuit breaker keeps shutting off

The first thing I'd do after checking connections you can access and finding nothing wrong is to replace the breaker. Sometimes they do go bad over time and they are cheap and easy to DIY. If after that you still have problems, then do the deeper digging. With luck this will work; I have about a 50% success rate following this approach, and when I'm wrong at least I know the breaker is good!


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