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Re: Water Bill Doubled


Re: Water Bill Doubled

now ya understand why my wife says I have a warped sense of humor. I always said it was just her... maybe its me??? naw its her:rolleyes:

Re: Water Bill Doubled

Canuk nailed it!

Most modern water meters have a little diamond-shaped flow indicator, usually to the left of the dial, usually red or black, that indicates even the SLIGHTEST amount of water flow.

I had a similar problem a year ago where my bill doubled; the first thing the water dept. told me was to check the meter flow indicator.

Sure enough, it was moving; in my case, it turned out to be a defective ballcock valve.

Re: Water Bill Doubled

10 gallon per hour leak? Yikes.

Cracked toilet overflow tube beneath the water level ???

There was mention of a toilet refill valve replacement, yes?

A little too aggressive in there and the tube could have been cracked. Have seen old tubes simply rotted thru.

Failed seal/washer inside a softener head would be a definite possibility, as would a cracked tube on a toilet refill valve.

How's about toilet tank refill water level set a tad too high so there's a constant flow over the top of the overflow tube?

Re: Water Bill Doubled

welcome back goldie.;)

Re: Water Bill Doubled

He said he dumped food cloring in the tanks and didn't get any in the bowl.

Re: Water Bill Doubled
havanagranite wrote:

I'm with you that is a big difference. first I would go out and write down and keep track of useage of water myself then you know what you are using independantly of what they are saying, just in case they aren't giving an actual reading every month. the second thing I would do is check to see if a line outside is the problem, like one going out to water sprinklers, even though underground you would be able to tell because all that water is going to displace soil and you are going to have a hole that is going to appear to be like a sink hole developing. and if you are like my brother you could have neighbors who are running a hose from your property to theirs

I will have to go and check the meter tomorrow, that appears to be everyone's first place to check. I'll update the thread with what I find on Monday. Thanks for the advice.

Re: Water Bill Doubled
kentvw wrote:

@ 7000 a month it would be close to a ten gallon and hour leak or reading................. Thats a lotta watta!

I can tell you that in the past I have been billed on "averages" and not actual meter readings and then had a higher or lower bill when the reading was finally taken.

So do you think it would be a good idea to ask if they are "estimating" water use now instead of actually coming to do the reading? I know this was done in the last town I lived in...

Re: Water Bill Doubled
A. Spruce wrote:

Building on the "read the meter" thing.

Has there been any work done in the yard near where the supply line comes in from the street to the house? (I've got a story about that one ...:eek::o )

Go read your meter and note the number, wait one hour and go recheck the meter and note the number. Now, turn off the water at the house, wait an hour and recheck the meter. This will tell you if the problem is in the house, between the house and the street, or the water department needed a raise this month. :D

Ahh. Great Idea, I'm dissappointed in myself for not thinking of that. Kent mentioned a 10 gallon an hour leak...There has not been any work done on my property recently that would have damaged the water line.

Re: Water Bill Doubled
A. Spruce wrote:

Why do you guys have to get so technical? You mean everyones house isn't the same as mine?:p;):D

I wonder if there's a water softener that might be backwashing itself too frequently, or is stuck on that cycle.

I don't have a water softener. So that can't be it.


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