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Water Behind Gutters

I have noticed that I have water dripping down from behind my gutters during (and right after) a heavy rain.

This happens right at an exterior corner so I assumed that this was a leaky seam. I had contractor check it out and they said there was no leak. But it still happening.

Is there something else to check or did the guy just miss it?


Re: Water Behind Gutters

There are a few things that can allow water to flow down the fascia past the gutters, if the gutters are too small and the rapid influx of water at that corner will allow the water to splash up and overflow behind the gutter, also check the drip edge and make sure it goes into/over the edge of the gutter, lastly check the shingle overhang and see if it goes past the roof edge and over the gutter, if all of this is correct then I would check the corner seams and re-caulk that corner with gutter cement, if you have pvc gutters make sure the corners are glued properly, the pitch of the gutters also plays a major role in water flow, too long a span with a steep pitch can cause water to race into that corner and overflow. You may have to reflash behind that corner to allow the water to stay in the gutter, if this is a new install I would let the contractor fix it! Good Luck!

Re: Water Behind Gutters

jled basically summed it up, but let me add this:

Check your down spout for leaves, etc. and clean if necessary. Make sure it allows the water to flow in even in heavy rain. If the down spout is congested, water will overflow.

Re: Water Behind Gutters

Get out the hose for a test!

Re: Water Behind Gutters

More than a few times I've seen this very thing happen because the roofer didn't offset the starter course from the shingles on top of them, which leaves a slot between each shingle for water to get into. If this is your case, rather than re-roofing cut flashing to fit under those slots and push it in under the lowest shingle, folding or cutting it flush. That will hold till the next roof is needed.

It seems so simple a thing, but as with any trade there are folks who know what they're doing, and ten times more that just think they know. I've had 'professional roofers' tell me this was OK because that's what the underlayment (tar paper) was for! The main thing here is to find and fix this problem whatever the cause before you have to ask us advice about repairing fascia board rot!


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