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M. Schneider
Water beading up and freezing on vinyl siding?

We put a humidifier on our furnace before the winter in 2012 here in Michigan. During the winter, I noticed that ice cycles were forming on the vinyl siding (east facing) second floor and running down the siding. In the fall of 2012 we also remodeled our second floor bathroom and put a new exhaust fan in that exhausts out the same side as the ice cycles. I thought maybe that was causing the ice cycles. I've noticed recently that the ice cycles are now above the exhaust port. Anybody have any idea what is causing the ice cycles? Could this have something to do with the humidifier? Didn't have these forming prior to the installation of the humidifier. Hmmmm...

Re: Water beading up and freezing on vinyl siding?

So long as the ice is on the outside of the vinyl, don't worry about it. It is probably caused by what you think, but it can't hurt the vinyl. It can become a problem if water is getting behind the vinyl and the housewrap which should be under it is not doing it's job.


Re: Water beading up and freezing on vinyl siding?

What Phil said.

Enjoy your turkey and don't think about it any more.

Re: Water beading up and freezing on vinyl siding?

Perhaps a related phenomenon: Over the years, I had to patch the drywall surrounds around skylights in east facing baths where the owners like to shower in the evening. "The Perfect Storm". When it is below zero out, the humidity would form ice on the skylight glass. When the sun came up, the ice would rapidly melt and spill over the little trough that many skylights have to catch incidental fogging. Given enough time, the drywall would get wet and break down.

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