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Water in Basement -I need help!

We have a room under our garage. The corners located at the front of the house leak when it rains. The garage door is directly above these corners and there is a concrete driveway.
The basement block walls on the outside corner have floor to ceiling cracks about 2 feet away from each corner.

I am attaching outside pictures of the two corners. I have checked the downspouts and the plastic drain pipe that is underground on the outer side of the house. It slopes down to a creek. I have checked and the gutter, downspout and sloping pipe
are open and draining.

It looks to me as if the gutter system is insufficient to carry the water that drains into it. If this is the problem, how can I fix it? Thanks in advance for any advice!

Timothy Miller
Re: Water in Basement -I need help!

Howdy it appears tht when a heavy rain the little gutters are overwhelmend and water running down next to your house. Consider having larger comerical gutters installed. At the ground in this area i would add 3' wide and at least 5' long plastic onto the soil then put mulch or rock ontop. The idea is that plastic will stop any water over splah from seaping in next to the house.Its best to have the slope of the soil away from the foundation too1" per foot for 3' or more.. No plants that need watering to be withing 5' of this area and no sprinklier heads spraying this area are all easy improvements ..

Re: Water in Basement -I need help!

have you gone outside when it's raining and observed the gutters

gutters can take an amazing amount of water.


Sam Miller
Re: Water in Basement -I need help!

You do need to find where the water is draining to your foundation i.e. gutters, down spouts, etc. You say you have numerous cracks, houses settle over time and this is normal. What happens though is when they do the foundation often develop cracks, especially where the wall and floor join. Clean out the cracks as best you can and pack them with hydraulic cement. This has slivers of fiberglass in it and expands when it drys and blocks the water from getting in. After you have done this, paint the walls with Drylock. At least 2 coats, I put 3 on mine as over kill. Several years ago I had water comming into my basement. I check the slope of my gutters, cleaned them and added extensions to them. I then applied hydraulic cement and Drylock to the inside walls and my basement has been dry ever since.

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