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Water in Basement

Im looking to buy a home in Central Connecticut that was built around 1910, the home is situated at the top of a hill in the historical district. The problem I have is that when it rains water enters the basement via the outside basement door, I think. All the water that I have seen is in that corner of the basement. How would I go about weather proofing this door? The moisture in the basement is a serious concern, as the flooring directly above the area is showing signs of warping due to the moisture. Would I need to replace both doors, ie. the ground level basement door and the one located at the foundation entrance to the basement? Also, I am doing research as tot he best way of restoring the stone foundation, would lime based mortar be the best choice in this, or should I find out what the exact stone makeup of the foundation is before putting any on it? Thanks for any help.

Edit, also I was looking around for a dehumidifier to help with the moisture and ran across a website that was selling a product called the Wave Home Solution, does anyone know anythign about it, and is it a viable solution for reducing moisture in the basement.

Re: Water in Basement

Is the water coming in around the top and sides of the basement door, or is it coming in under the bottom? If it is coming in under the bottom, you may need to check your slope outside the door and make sure water isn't draining that direction. If it is coming in the top or sides, I would check the flashing above the head of the door or your weatherstripping.

I leave a standard dehumidifier running in my basement from May through October. I checked out the website on the Wave Home Solution and am a little skeptical. It looks like a glorified exhaust fan that vents air from your basement and draws in fresh outside air. The only issue is that the outside air may be just as humid as what is in your basement. I'm not abandoning my dehumidifier any time soon :)

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