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Water accumulation in Dishwasher

My parents recently had the kitchen sink replaced. Afterward, the dishwasher accumulates a puddle of water after all the cycle is finished. This Old House had a TV episode on this problem before, but I do not remember all the details. I believe the problem is related to where the drain for the dishwasher is and possibly the need for one way valve. If this TV episode is online, please direct me to to it. If it is not available, could someone tell me how to fix it? Thanks.:)

Re: Water accumulation in Dishwasher

It may be something clogged in the drain, so the first thing you should try is unscrewing the bottom of the drain guard and unclogging it.

Paul the plumber
Re: Water accumulation in Dishwasher

Also make sure the drain pipe coming from the dishwasher enters the sink unit from the top and then climbs down to your disposil or drain this helps the pump because it causes a syphoning affect

Re: Water accumulation in Dishwasher

If there is not an air gap (a little dome on or near the sink with a hole in the side), make sure the drain hose from the dishwasher is looped as high as possible. Fasten the hose to the underside of the counter or to the wall up against the counter.

If this does not solve the problem, then consider installing an air gap. It prevents siphoning back into the dishwasher.

If there is already an air gap, make sure the dishwasher connects into the smaller port, and the larger port goes to the drain. Remove the cover from the air gap, pull out the plastic insert on the top, and make sure that there is no gunk blocking it.

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