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Wasting Water While Waiting!


I am wasting gallons and gallons of water every day because it takes a rediculously long time for hot water to get to my taps. I purchased this home in August and have had the problem since day one.

The home was built in 2005 and the pipes are insulated. It is a two story home and the HWH is located in the attic space directly above the laundry room. The master shower is about 15-20 feet of pipe from the HWH and takes a solid 3-4 minutes of running before the water gets up to warm temperature and an additional few before it gets hot. This tends to be the case for every water source (shower, sink, etc.) in the house with the exception of the built in dishwasher on the first floor. The dishwasher seems to steam almost instantly and I would attribute this to a built in heating unit in the appliance. However if I start the dishwasher I can then get hot water at any other source in the house almost instantly.

Does anybody have some suggestions?


Re: Wasting Water While Waiting!

If it's a trunk and branch piping system I would put in a recirculating line from the most distant fixture back to the tank. If it's a pex homerun system there's not much you can do...cheaply anyway.

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