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Wastewater Coming Through Basement Floor

Whenever I get a clog in my main sewer pipe beneath the basement floor, water comes up through the floor at numerous random locations along the path of the pipe and at the penetrations where the pipes from the house enter the floor. One of these penetrations has a massive wad of what appears to be hydraulic cement around its base, so I'm assuming this problem is not new.

My guess is that the waste line is clay tile, and it is leaking at the seams whenever the water gets backed up. The house was built in 1922 (NE Ohio)... is my "clay tile" theory likely?

I know there are jackhammers in my near future, but before I get into that I'd like to know what the common plumbing practices of that era were, so I know what to expect.

Thanks in advance for any input!

Re: Wastewater Coming Through Basement Floor

That is exactly what is happening. All houses built up to about the 70s had 6 inch clay tile installed. When we dug up our clay tile sewer line to the street to replace it every joint had a nice bunch of tree roots in it. If there is a tree or trees within about 50 foot of your sewer line it is a certaintly that there are tree roots in your sewer. There are several permanent solutions. There are now companies that will rooter out the tree roots and then line the clay tile with a pull in or blown in liner. You need access to both ends to do this. The other solution is to dig up the old line and replace it with modern plastic pipe. It is also likely that one or more of your pipes may be cracked, broken or partially collapsed. We own a commercial building and with a camera inspection one of the ends of the pipes was partially collapsed so we had to dig it up and replace it.

Re: Wastewater Coming Through Basement Floor

This just happened to me this week. We have our main sewer line periodically cleaned of tree roots. However, just today we had a plumbing company come in and scope the line with a camera. Every joint in our sewer line is separated. It was very helpful to see what is going on down there - none of it is good.

They are proposing that we use the Maxliner product to line the pipe without digging up the yard. (Our front porch would have to come off!) We have about 45 feet of line from the house to the city sewer. They have quoted us $9K for the job. Ouch. Does anyone have experience with Maxliner? I know it was demo-ed on TOH. I have no idea if we are being taken to the cleaners or not. (However, as I was cleaning the basement Wednesday night, I would have paid anything.)

We live in Central Ohio.

Thank you.

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