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Wasps behind siding

I have vinyl siding on my home. I like it alright, but I have one really big issue with it. It seems that my wasps really like my home. They like it so much that they have decided to make their nest behind my vinyl siding, especially behind the corners. Now I can't trim the grass around my home without getting hit by numerous wasps. I can't get them with wasp spray since the nests are behind the siding. I've tried a few old fashioned home remedies like spraying peppermint oil, but nothing works. Please help!

Re: Wasps behind siding

it is a bad year for wasps and hornets. I use this spray by wilson called one shot and this foam that seals the entrance in to the nest with foam. use it at night and dress so that there is no exposed skin.

Re: Wasps behind siding

Did you try a blow torch? :p

Jk, maybe try a local pest control company if any over the counter solutions aren't working.

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