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Washing Machine Drain Issues (possibly)

HI everyone I am stumped with this problem I have. I have a washer and dryer on the 2nd floor which is nice to have. The problem is that I have lived in the house for 2.5 years and have had this issue I am about to explain 2 times. It seems that if we wash our bed compforter it seems that the drain (white pvc pipe) leaks enough to make water marks on the ceiling down stairs on the 1st floor. Nothing in the laundry room, floor wall etc is wet at all when this has happened. My wife always uses the "large load" setting even when she is not washing the comforter. Anyone have any ideas as to what could be causing this? Again, this never happens any other time except for when she is washing out bed comphorter. SHe can was 30 loads of clotes and I will not have a hint of a water leak, but when this darn bed spread is washed it will leak. Do washing machines act differently when something like a comforter is being washed? Before I start to take down the ceiling and look at the drain pipe (pvc) i was wondering if anyone had any ideas as this is a weird issue and no common denominator when it happens.

Any help would be greatly appreciated!
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Re: Washing Machine Drain Issues (possibly)

Possibilities I seen a washing machine do something very similar. When used on an extra large load it would start to spin out and leak a little water. The problem was the plastic shroud the washing tub sets in had come unclipped from the top of the tub. When it would start to spin it would throw just a little water out over the top of the plastic tub. Your situation may be similar with washing a comfoter it could be a little off balance and when centrifical force takes over water rolls out over top of tub. Just a thought any way. Good luck.

Re: Washing Machine Drain Issues (possibly)

Thanks for the reply that does seems logical but there is no signs of water on the floor in the laundry room. Nothing is wet in the room where the washer is, which is why I am thinking it is coming from the drain line in the wall or ceiling.

Thanks for your time!

Re: Washing Machine Drain Issues (possibly)

Another possible place to look would be your dryer. If the load is not getting spun out well it could cause extra moisture in the dryer vent. This in turn could leak. Have seen it done when washing a shower curtain.

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Re: Washing Machine Drain Issues (possibly)

I suspect the source of the water is from the overflow tube and not the drain. Perhaps the level of your floor allows this to spill to the direction of the DWV and it runs along the outside of the pipe to the ceiling below.

Do you have a floor drain in this 2nd floor laundry (then perhaps the floor needs to be re-sloped to it?) or is the washing machine set upon a pan which is likewise set to a drain (which then perhaps the failure lies there - leak in that drain connection to the pan or the DWV itself serving that pan).

Many larger bedding materials, especially "comforters" for Full, Queen, and King Size beds can cause overflows of water and/or suds even in extra large capacity residential washing machines. Some more responsible bedding mfgs will label these products on the laundering instructions to launder in "commercial washing machines". They're usually referring to those super large capacity front loaders which use copious amounts of water and minimal amounts of soap. Sometimes this is labeled because agitation in a top loading machine might damage or prematurely weaken the fibers of the bedding material, or even damage it, but sometimes it is because it will potentially cause overflow or damage to the machine itself or the homeowner's home (water damage).

Usually the overflow is on the front just inside the case near the floor leveling leg on a top loading machine - the new side loaders it varies, ped mounts, etc.

That's my guess. Other possiblity might be suds backups only showing up with washing this comforter and backing up to the vent- and perhaps that's where your breach is.

I'd take the comforter in question to a laundrymat with a commercial super sized machine and run it through a few cycles using NO detergent and instead using a cup of distilled white vinegar in each wash cycle and nothing in the rinse cycle. Watch through the door and see if you have a lot of suds. Shouldn't harm the comforter, just get the soap out and make it extra clean and fluffy when its dried.

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