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warped pergola 6x6 post

Hello all,

I recently put in four pressure treated 6"x6" posts to build a pergola. The posts are 12 foot with 9 feet out of the ground, I cemented them into my patio. The problem is a week after install (I left on business before finishing) one of the posts warped such that the bottom two feet of the post remained straight, then the post "kinked" about 10 degrees off vertical. At the top of the post, it has to be about 10 inches from where it should be. I don't know the cause other than as it sat in the sun it warped. Is there anyway to "easily" straighten it out?

The only idea I have is to run a cable come-along from base to top over a wood block located at the warping point on the post, and then to tighten over time. I'd insert a simple pic of the idea but the site is giving me problems.

Has anyone straightened out wood this big before? Any other ideas?

Re: warped pergola 6x6 post

I highly doubt you can generate enough force to straighten this post and keep it straight. It sounds like the lumber was fresh from the pressure treating factory and still very wet.

Time for a shovel, a jack hammer and a few quarters for the cuss jar.

This time, get the dryest post you can. If you have the ability, let it dry out in your garage complete with wood spacers keeping it off the floor and some weights adding an even load to the top. If you're extra OCD, you can give it a 1/4 turn every so often.

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