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Re: Want to test a jigsaw for TOH?
Solonje wrote:

I would love to try a new jigsaw, I'm ready to start cutting out gingerbread people for my Christmas display.

see now I always thought they were done with cookie cutters, not a jig saw:D

A. Spruce
Re: Want to test a jigsaw for TOH?
havanagranite wrote:

see now I always thought they were done with cookie cutters, not a jig saw:D

Not if Tim "The Toolman" Solonje has anything to say about it! ;):p

In all seriousness, I would think a scroll saw would be the better tool for cutting gingerbread than a jigsaw, but to each his own. :cool:

Re: Want to test a jigsaw for TOH?

Yes! I am a single older (okay, I'm gonna be 60 shortly) woman that takes in rescue animals. I am constantly trying to fix/repair/build something or another, and with limited resources, donations on the decline (read that GONE), any help with tools or materials is ALWAYS welcome. I am about to attempt to build a small winter shelter for a crippled pot bellied pig that was rescued recently, and a jigsaw that works (mine died) would be a GREAT help.
Gail Austin

Re: Want to test a jigsaw for TOH?

I'd test it on a TV entertainment center I have planned that is just deep enough to fit a plasma screen and DVD cases surrounding it - finding an 8" deep entertainment center has been impossible.

I'd be looking for a jigsaw with variable stroke (depth and orbit) that can handle heavy cutting without straying from a clean, perpendicular cut. A highly adjustable plate angle that locks down HARD to that angle would be a definite plus, as many I have tried don't hold the angle that well. Easy blade changes would be a must. Blade storage in the jigsaw would be a plus, but not absolutely necessary.

Of course I'd have DOZENS of other uses for it, as I am constantly working on projects large and small.

Re: Want to test a jigsaw for TOH?
kentvw wrote:

Hey zipkruse,

Enjoyed your photo album. A "spare time" remodel?
Great looking home and though I now nothing about TOH mag articles and how they are picked, your house looks like a good candidate to me.

Oh, you get my vote for the saw. Shutters would look great on your place and you seem like someone who knows how to "Get-er-Done."

Thanks for the kind words, Kent. It's nice to get some acknowledgment for the years of hard work! But it's been a labor of love - some projects more loved than others!

I really like your tag line and couldn't agree more. Especially now, with the challenges facing this country, we all need to be a little more civil.

Best wishes, and thanks again!

Re: Want to test a jigsaw for TOH?
Moderator wrote:

A note from TOH Editorial Assistant Sal Vaglica:

Hey everyone!
Sounds like everyone on here is very capable of putting our jigsaws through their paces. But, I need some targeted and specific projects that you have coming up in the next few weeks so that we can decide who to send the tools to for testing. Cutting out a sink hole, maybe, or cutting some ornate trim? If your interested in taking part in the reader review, you've got to give me the details. Looking forward to hearing back!

Send me a decent saw and I promise to deliver the goods, Sal, along with royalty-free photos if you want them. As mentioned, I'll be cutting some stenciled patterns for the shutters, and will certainly be happy to try some sample cuts even before I proceed with the larger project.

And right now, I'm working on a couple of other projects as well where it will be useful: repairing some hardwood floor gaps with curves and detail, and building my own fireplace mantle that will require some shaped cutouts.

Don't want to sound desperate, but you'll save me some dough by sending one out. I'm planning to replace my cheeseball jig-gnaw already.

Thanks again.

Re: Want to test a jigsaw for TOH?
Moderator wrote:

TOH Editorial Assistant Sal Vaglica wants to know:

Do you want to test a jigsaw for TOH? What projects would you use it on? Tell us and you could score a jigsaw to test, review, and keep!

I particularly interested in ease of use. I currently am remodeling a house as my first project after retiring from a government job. I have found that a jigsaw would be handy on several projects including counter tops. Unsure of what type to buy being a novice I want one which will cover several different situations. Don't want vibration and would be interested in laser guide and vacumn attachment.

Re: Want to test a jigsaw for TOH?

I have a solid and very reliable Bosch jigsaw that I use on a consistent basis. I have tried the Dewalt, Ridgid, and Ryobi jigsaws. I'm always interested in trying new tools.

Currently I'm working on kitchen base cabinets and would like to use a jigsaw for cutting out the toe-kick on the plywood sides. Cutting out for the sinkhole on the counter-top. I also do the water pipes and electrical plug cut-outs with a jigsaw.

Re: Want to test a jigsaw for TOH?

Hi Sal,
Just wondering if you had any update on this? I've got projects under way and was going to buy a saw if we didn't hear from you. Happy to help with the testing if you're still in need of people.


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