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Want to lift sagging stairs - reccomended beam?

I have a circa 1920's home with stairs that go 3 flights (basement to 1st, 1st to 2nd, 2nd to full attic). Over time the stairs sagged, pulling the joists on the stair side down - on the first floor slightly lifting the ends of a couple of joists that end on the other side of the center supports.........on the second floor it created a small hump in the middle of the hall (the center-line of the main columns in the basement).
[I hope I'm being clear]
Where my side door exits off of the basement stairs, you can see a gap between them and the exterior wall from the sag, and in the attic at the top of the stairs, you can see the gap where they pulled from the attic joists.
A former owner built a cinderblock support footing under the stairs in the basement to keep it from moving further, but I want to lift it back up.
I have two lolly columns I was going to use (one on either side of the stairs in the basement, but after seeing the lowest points....I noticed one spot is directly over my boiler. :mad:
I figure I can put them on either side still - just a bit further because of the boiler being in the way......but I'm not sure what will be strong enough. Originally, I was spanning a short 4x4 pressure treated between two joists( about 18in), but now I need to span 8ft. The 8ft will cross 6 joists, of varying spans(guess there weren't many codes to follow back then). The spans on the joists are (in order) 15", 20.5", 18", 22", 11.5"

After all that, I guess I'm wondering if I need more than a 4x4 over the 8ft span. I don't think I could fit a third column in the middle, MAYBE one on either end with one on the left about 2' toward center, but that's it.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

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