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Want to be featured on thisoldhouse.com? Tell us your best holiday home memory!

What is your absolute favorite holiday memory? What parts (fireplace? Huddling at the staircase to peek for Santa?), accessories (record player?) and rooms in your home played important roles in the holidays at your childhood home?

Share your stories (and upload pictures if you can) and you could be featured in a special holiday Web gallery at thisoldhouse.com

Take a peek at "Hey! My House Had One of Those!" for inspiration

Re:Santa Knows

It was Christmas 1948 or 1949. I was too young to remember the year, but the memory of this Christmas is wonderful. As everyone knows, you must be good and not naughty or Santa will not include you on his long list of presents. My brother, Chuck, seemed to gravitate to mischievious deeds; ie, forget to walk the dog, make his bed, argue, dog ate his homework,etc. The normal parental response to misbehaving was "You will have nothing under the tree except a "Lump of Coal". If you were in the East the Winter of 1948/49, you will remember the "Blizzard". We heated with coal and had a full coal bin. Christmas Eve arrived and we decorated the tree, my Dad read the Night before Christmas and cookies were left for Santa.

At O'Dark Thirty, my brother and I raced to the living room. Wow, so many presents for me and only one for my brother. He was excited because it was a big box. Happiness only lasts so long. Inside was the biggest lump of coal to be found. He wasn't the bravest boy after all. Once the tears dried, Mom had him go to the hall closet for the remainder of his gifts. I believe that was the Christmas we both received Lionel trains. His set was bigger, but mine was not bad for a little Sister.

Submitted with Love - Arlene Styles Martinez

Re: Want to be featured on thisoldhouse.com? Tell us your best holiday home memory!

At Christmas time, on the radio they were featuring Christmas traditions. I heard all these wonderful traditions and how it touched their lives and hearts. They talked about how these memories impacted their lives and how they still carry them out today with their own family. I was so touched by what I heard, I wanted to start a tradition. So, I thought and thought. I wanted it to be cheap enough, and easy enough that it can truely be carried on. But, yet still touch the hearts of my family.
I could not think of anything. Well, my 9year old child said, "Mom, I have the perfect idea. Let's write a letter to each other telling how much we love and appreciate each other and what is our best memory is of them this year. And let's put it under the tree and open it first thing Christmas Day."

I was so impressed that my child thought of the perfect idea for a tradition. Not expensive, Not too time consuming.
So, we did it! That Christmas Day was the most beautiful and heart touching Christmas I have ever had. We started out our Christmas Day being thankful for each other. It was the first gift that we gave each other and it was the most fulfilling gift of the day. What a way to start out your Christmas! This is now our forever family tradition...and my most favorite memory of Christmas!

Re: Want to be featured on thisoldhouse.com? Tell us your best holiday home memory!

Christmans has to be my favorite holiday. When I was growing up my father worked two jobs so my mother could be home. So it was a treat when My father was home. We always had a real tree, so we would go to a tree farm look forever for that perfect tree and my dad would cut it down. We all would get back in the car and sing christmas carols all the way home. Then dad ususally put the tree outside in a huge bucket of water for a few days until he was home again. Mom would be in the kitchen making cookies and hot cocoa, and dad and my sisters and brother would be setting up the decorations on the tree. It took us forever, laughing anticipating the arrival of Santa, sharing cookies, singing and drinking our cocoa. We then would all gather around the fireplace and watch the great christmas specials that were on tv that night. The best part of it was we were all together. Ususally the four of us kids would fall asleep on a big afghan that my grandma made and then my father would lug us all on it to our rooms and one by one he would lift us up and put us in our beds. It was such a great time wonderful wonderful memories. I could still smell the cookies and the pine tree and see dad dragging us to our room. We help our parents now with the tree and the cookies but dear old dad can't seem to lug us kids to the rooms we no longer use, but he does with the grand kids. It's such a great tradition. :D

Re: Want to be featured on thisoldhouse.com? Tell us your best holiday home memory!

From the time I was a baby till I reached college age, we would drive from our home in New Hampshire to visit my grandparents in Andover, Mass., every Christmas Eve. Following Scandinavian tradition, we would open our presents at about 1:00 or 2:00 AM---however late it was that my cousins and I finally fell asleep, which was always difficult on Christmas Eve. Christmas morning, we'd awake and play with our toys.

But my fondest memory is of the years that our family friend and his sons would arrive on Christmas Eve, with their horns, playing Christmas carols on the front steps. Some years, large flakes of what I call "Hollywood" snow would be falling behind them as we opened the door, and it would feel like a scene from a Bing Crosby movie.

We'd invite them in, the adults would share a drink or two, and my cousins and I would play with his sons. Then they'd go home and we'd try to go to sleep.

We've built our own holiday traditions over the years, some of them wonderful...but the one thing I always miss on Christmas Eve is the Christmas caroling brass ensemble.

Re: Want to be featured on thisoldhouse.com? Tell us your best holiday home memory!

Christmas 1989.
I was working 2 jobs and just exhausted. I had not gotten a tree or any decorations. On Christmas night, I got off at 11pm and drove home tired and cold. I lived in a condo complex where all the buildings were alike. I pulled up to my building and saw a Christmas tree in the window, decorated and lighted. I was sure I had pulled up to the wrong building.

My neighbor and her son had gone to a tree lot in the cold and snow, bought a tree, found my decorations and put the tree in the window for me!!

The best Christmas ever.

Re: Want to be featured on thisoldhouse.com? Tell us your best holiday home memory!

My Mom and Dad where the best Santa(s)!

We grew up with very little, (six people in two bedrooms) but Christmas was always the best. My three sisters and I were sent to bed early on Christmas Eve, Mom would heat up bricks in the oven and wrap them in newspaper and put them at the foot of our beds (warm feet and the smell of the heated newspaper - ahhhhh). At the crack of dawn we would rush down stairs and find, like magic, a beautiful tree decorated with lights and glass ornaments, with a train running at its base and the living room crowded with toys and doll houses.

I found out later that my parents would wait till we where asleep and stay up all night making that magic happen. They would get the tree, train and toys out of hiding, wrap the toys, cut their fingers on metal tabs while assembling the doll houses. Once finished they'd drag their asses off to bed as day broke, then like clock work my sisters and I would wake up and scream "Santa Came" "It's Christmas".

Today families decorate the tree and hang the stocking days if not weeks before Christmas. But to tell you the truth I still remember laying in bed feeling like I would burst with excitement and thinking was good this year, did Santa come? I will be eternally grateful to my parents for all their hard work to give their four girls for those wonderful Christmas mornings where every dream came true and Santa lived.

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