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want a green solution for knots in wood

I purchased an 1850s farmhouse from a flipper (not a great idea). All the new trim around the windows and some beams added to the newer part of the home have knots and wood tannin that have bled through the paint. I tried KILZ and repainting and the knots came back. I now know that I should use a shellac-based primer or B-I-N and then repainted, but honestly, I'm not keen on the chemicals. Are there any green solutions? Something to seal in/block the weeping that is not harsh?

And I have tried to see the beauty in those knots, but five years later it isn't working! Thanks for any suggestions.

A. Spruce
Re: want a green solution for knots in wood

The easiest and non-stinky thing you can use is polyurethane. Other alternatives are aerosol lacquer or clear coat. I would still follow these up with a regular primer to tone down the "shine" you're going to get, then apply your top coat color.

Re: want a green solution for knots in wood


There is nothing in the paint field more organic than shellac. It is merely a resin derived from a bug which lives in the orient desolved in denatured alcohol, i.e. grain alcohol. It is used to coat the pills you swallow! BIN is merely shellac which has had white pigment added to it. I might add that titanium dioxide is also edible!

I personally find it comforting that in this day of multi-syllable chemicals, that there is a time tested product that has literally been around for centuries whose properties still excell over all that chemistry!

The worse you are going to get from BIN is a good alcohol buzz.

Re: want a green solution for knots in wood

thanks so much for your response. You've put my mind at rest--bring on the bug resin.

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