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Walnut Tree

Does anyone know if a walnut tree and be treated to not produce walnuts? My black walnut tree is dangerous to stand under! It is old, but seems healthy enough. I live in a tree city and don't think I can get a permit to take it down. Thanks!

Thanks to all who answered!

Re: Walnut Tree

If you can't take your walnut tree down in your city, can you trim it to a point where it's more manegeable?

Just explain the situation to whomever is in charge, that a trim is needed to keep it healthy. Then just pick the blossoms before they open. If some are too high, use a stick to shake them off the tree.

Re: Walnut Tree

I don't think the above poster understands the size of a mature black walnut tree--you might as well shake the leaves off the roof of a three story building. Unless you can take the tree down you're stuck.
Our back yard has three black walnut trees, all of them dying slowly from the overly enthusiastic "limbing up" inflicted on them by the previous owner. These are spreading , rounded trees. In a Elm like vase shape, like ours now have, they lack the canopy to support the plant, and are slowly becoming mistletoe support poles.
If you're afraid of dropping walnuts, you won't like the regular dropping of 8-10 foot walnut "twigs" from an unhealthy tree. My advice is to enjoy what you have--a healthy, fruiting native tree.

Re: Walnut Tree

I'm with snso, enjoy the shade, rack the walnuts up. Trimming a walnut does far more hard than good. I have two right behind my house.


Re: Walnut Tree

Until you try to get a permit you don't know. Usually regulations allow trees to be removed if another tree(s)is planted. If you go that route be sure to pick a more managable tree. Any local tree company should know the regulations.

Re: Walnut Tree

You own a walnut tree and walnuts come with the territory. In my front yard sets the 9th largest Pecan in the county. Its been there over 100 years. We get rained on by pecans each year. I think of it as part of having this majestic tree on my property. Anyone who parks underneath it assumes the risk.

Put up a sign - FREE WALNUTS

If that doesn't work, try soliciting the local squirrel's union.

Timothy Miller
Re: Walnut Tree

Howdy consider the risk of slip and fall law suits if the walnuts land on a walkway... Timber ! Remember if you do the wood might be very$$$$$ to sell as it is sometimes a rare walnut.

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