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Walls look awful!

I live in an 85 yr. old house with plaster walls which are not holding up well. A previous owner papered over the walls and now my dining room walls are crumbling at all of the seams which looks terrible because the seams gape open all around the room. We are not extremely handy and as my husband was laid off for quite a while, do not have $ to hire a plasterer. Is there any way to patch up my walls by the seams until we can afford to take care of it properly? Thanx.

Re: Walls look awful!

I can understand your problem. But to get rid of the problem you need to invest some money. I don't think without spending you will get a quality sealant and you will repair your wall.

Re: Walls look awful!

Your problem is moisture that gets into the plaster , the moisture excapes through the seams causing failure at all seams if near a window will show the most peeling also the exterior walls.
To start with remove all the wall paper let the wall dry out than survey the damage for what repairs are required.
Wall paper may have been used to cover very bad plaster problems.
If plaster is in good shape skim coat with a very good veneer plaster.
Your worst problem could be that sheet rock mud was used to prep the walls for the wall paper installation.If this is the case the paper should come off with very little damage to the plaster.

Re: Walls look awful!

Another band aid fix will be the same as the old fixes.

You are ready for a major fix: replacement.

Why? by removing the plaster and exposing the framing, you will get all your answers. And, you'll be able to make other improvements, if necessary, while the walls are open.

Tight budget? don't waste your money on temporary fixes, save it for the real deal.

Re: Walls look awful!

If you're on a tight budget, it's time for a DIY action. Scr ape all the damaged wall papers using a putty knife if you have it in your tools then let the wall breathe out for a while to dry out after being covered with wall papers for a long time. Wash them with a simple garden hose to melt away any residual plasters.

Seriously, you really need to hire someone to fix your wall problem. Ask around the neighborhood if they know anyone who does the professional service for a low price.

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