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Walls in Basement / Floor in Basement

I have home that is over 150 years old. The basement walls are limestone and have had patch work done to them over the years. The patches are falling off. Most of the area is still dirt on the floor and rain water does come up during heavy rains.

What products are available to cover the walls? Is there anything like cement board that can be put over them and then to cover the board like plaster?

Plans for the floor are to dig it out and put down 4"pea gravel and plastic. Along the edges I will put a tile that will feed to a sump. The floor will be covered with 3" concrete.

The walls will be done second. Any products or suggestions would be most helpful.


Re: Walls in Basement / Floor in Basement

I've had good luck with a product called UGL Drylok (site below), a concrete-based heavy duty paint that is brushed on.

It usually does a very good job of sticking to stone, concrete & masonry walls & really dresses up the appearance of same.

The surface has to be prepared so that there are no loose particles, or cracked material that will later work loose.

UGL is sold at Home Depot/Lowe's & most other big box & lumber stores.

Your plan for the floor sounds sensible; if there is a handy window in the basement near the street, this is an ideal situation to hire a ready-mix concrete truck to extend its chute in & simply dump the number of yards of fresh concrete you need; a concrete truck's chute can extend 15 to 20 feet from the curb without any extension chutes.

There is no place for the fresh concrete to go; all you have to do is be ready with hip boots, darby, shovels & striker boards to strike off, smooth & finish the fresh pour.

This is lots easier than mixing yards of concrete by hand, and may even cost less.

One possible alternative to the sump pump arrangement, would be to chip a hole thru the foundation with a rented chipping/demolition hammer (Home Depot), then dig a drywell 10 to 15 ft. away from the foundation to carry any basement water via an unseen passive gravity drain system to the drywell; this would eliminate the cost & maintenance of the sump pump (which is never a good selling point if you ever sell the house).

On the other hand there is a lot more labor involved in excavating & installing a drywell.


Re: Walls in Basement / Floor in Basement
DwarfWytch wrote:

you might need some reinforcement wire unless you're using a fiber filled mix. You didn't mention where you were located, I'm guessing 4" base and 3" slab is acceptable in your climatic zone/geographic region?

I am in Northwest Illinois. The floor will be 5' below the grade of the outside dirt. Wire will be good for those very rainny seasons where the water unground could provide some hydraulic pressure.



Re: Walls in Basement / Floor in Basement

You don't really need mesh or rebar in a basement.
Code does call for 4" min. thickness of concrete. I verified this with my brother in law who is a concrete guy. This is for MI and may vary in Il.

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